About the Ecstatic Dance Retreat

The Ecstatic Dance Retreat is a a Refuge from Life’s Complications, a Heavenly Landing Pad, and a Sacred Temple for those who Love Conscious Movement, Ecstatic Dance Music, and Uplifting Community.

It is an opportunity for us to Heal ourselves; gently with the help of Mother Nature, Shining Light, Celebrating Life, the Self, and One Another.

Traveling to the Big Island of Hawaii, and Dancing at Kalani, is a Pilgrimage for many Dancers.
These Sacred Dance floors, in the middle of the Hawaiian Jungle, on the edge of an Active Volcano, and in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, have been the Catalyst and Inspiration of Ecstatic Dances around the World for many decades now.

At the Ecstatic Dance Retreat, you will have an opportunity to dive into many types of Dance, including Morning and Evening Ecstatic Dances, Movement Classes including Contact Improv, Chi Kung, Dancing Freedom, Bhakti Yoga, Partner Yoga, African Dance, Kirtan, and much more.

All meals are served on the open air Veranda & Patio, giving everyone an opportunity to connect together over 3 delicious meals a day (fresh fish / local meat / organic veggie / vegan / gluten free).

You are also free to explore the local beaches, steam vents, lava, warm ponds, surf spots, snorkling spots, waterfalls, towns, and other sites during the Retreat.  You make your own Schedule of how much you want to participate.  You may also decide that you want to lead a meditation, or a class you’d like to teach.  You may also simply lounge at the pool, reading a book, or booking a massage… It’s up to you how you are at the Retreat.  You are Accepted, Appreciated, and even Celebrated.  🙂

Welcome, and Aloha!

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