Shamans Dream

Sahuna Love (aka Craig Kohland) –  is a music, festival and retreat producer, multi-percussionist, performer and DJ that is driven by the healing power of the drum and the creative expression of the sacred. Sahuna is influenced and inspired by his world travels and studies of tribal cultures. He has been at the forefront of the yoga, festival and ecstatic dance music scene since 1995.

As the founder of Shamans Dream, Sahuna has directed the many expressions and collaborations of this ever-evolving music project.  Shamans Dream produces and performs music as a prayer for healing, transformation, love, and happiness for all beings.  Music and dance are the medicine of every album and live performance, each with a specific theme and intention and designed to be delivered as a seamless shamanic healing journey.  

Besides performing as Shamans Dream, Sahuna currently plays as a percussionist for Desert Dwellers Live & Liquid Bloom Live. Sahuna’s other projects have included being the co-producer of several Desert Dwellers albums, co-founder of Yogitunes – (an online digital music store that features a huge selection of yoga inspired music), and Co-Producer of the Hawaii Ecstatic Dance Retreats –

Sahuna has also played percussion for: Bluetech, Desert Dwellers, Liquid Bloom, Kaminanda, David Starfire, Yaima, FreQ Nasty, Ayla Nereo, Jason Hann (EOTO), Chris Berry, Dub Kirtan Allstars, Jai Uttal, Krishna Das, Dave Stringer, C.C. White, Donna De Lory, Suzanne Sterling, Tina Malia, Jaya Lakshmi, Michael Kang (String Cheese) and many others.

Presently, Sahuna is performing and involved with many of the transformational festivals and yoga/ecstatic dance communities all over the world, some events include– Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, Sonic Bloom, Beloved, Enchanted Forest, Lucidity, Envision, Imagine, Wanderlust, Blessed Coast, Bali Spirit Festival, New Earth Festival, Oregon Country Fair, Bhaktifest, Shaktifest, Joshua Tree Music Festival, Project Earth & Flow Festival Hawaii.

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IMG_1323Chris Berry

Grammy award winner Chris Berry is an eclectic singer and songwriter, multi-instrumentalist virtuoso, and high-energy performer and teacher. From his humble beginning during Robert Mugabe’s regime in Zimbabwe, he has blasted his powerful Afro-infused sound around the World for over twenty years; rocking audiences from NYC’s Irving Plaza to sold out stadiums in South Africa and Sydney Australia’s famous Opera House. He has released over a dozen albums; scored the soundtrack for three films; and has been collaborating and performing with some of the World’s best performers like Eminem, Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann, Senegalese Afro-Pop sensation Yousoou N’dour, Cuban Legends Los Munequitos de Mantanzas, Jazz artist Paul Winter, Jamaican rhythm and production duo Sly (Dunbar) and Robbie (Shakespeare), Fugee’s producer Handel Tucker, and many more.


10440970_10205381328829149_3162895532314973468_nRyan Herr

Ryan is best known as co-creater and musical orchestrator for California based “YUM Sessions”. YUM Sessions started as the practice of combining live improvisational music with ecstatic dance and contact improv over 8 years ago touring up and down the west coast. A signature piece of the experience became the addition of traveling with their own dance floor, simply known as the FLOOR… a modular padded dance space that opens up an entirely new dimension for conscious movement practices. Since the formation of YUM Sessions and the FLOOR Ryan has dedicated his musical practices to venues and events that focus more on the healing qualities of sound and movement.

Ryan combines musical influences from around the world blending melodies and soundscapes from flamenco and classical to gypsy jazz and world beat creating sonic textures that breathe and inspire.

Jesse Hendricks

Jesse Hendricks


Take an eclectic music journey with Jesse Hendricks that will open up creative space in your mind, body and soul.

Timeless Gypsy explores solo looping of a variety of instruments including: steel drums, banjo, flutes, saxophone, kalimba, keyboards and a wide range of percussion . This music is perfect for contact dance, yoga, travels and more. The combination of tasty drum and bass grooves blended with heart-opening melodies gives the listener a foundation with the space to journey and explore their own soul song simultaneously.

Avani 15Avani

Avani (Tyler Blank) is the coFounder of Ecstatic Dance in the Bay Area, and an Ecstatic Dance DJ wherever and whenever they arise.  His journey into sound invites a deep engagement with Life; with our emotions, patterns, and tendencies; and encourages exploration into unique ways we may express the longing of our hidden selves.  Ecstatic Dance is a time to uncover, understand, and untie the past we have packed away, celebrating a free flow of inspired movement, and a new way of being in accordance with the Brilliance of this ever evolving Now Moment! Expect music both fresh and ancient, organic and electronic, sensations dark and light, masculine and feminine, with all tempos and genres as fair game, from sexy to silly, serene to chaotic, robotic to funkadelic…  The Music plays as a Guide, to the dancing experience of our own inner landscape.  May this Movement be Medicine.  With many Blessings on the Journey…

You can hear Avani’s previous sets at:

OliverOliver Balint

Prepare for a true Ecstatic Journey! Oliver’s passion for creating soulful dance sets has made him a favorite of the Big Island ecstatic dance community for 7 years. His unique style provides the grace that moves dancers on all levels from lower chakra shaking rhythms to crown chakra chants. Drawing from exotic rhythms, legendary anthems, and beautiful analog instrumentals, his music will lift, turn on, and inspire.