Workshop Descriptions

Chi Dance #1

Inner Rhythm

With Hamid Martin

Inner Rhythm ~ Foundation

How do we establish a connection with self and become rooted in our own Inner Rhythm? How do we maintain a sense of centered-ness as we dance the threshold of connection with self, other, and community? This is a lightly facilitated, free-form movement workshop where we are invited into a deeply embodied journey; alone, together, and alone together.

Dancing Freedom

Dancing Freedom is a free-form movement ceremony. We will be invited to make a conscious intention or prayer to bring in to our movement experience. We are supported by the energy of the elements earth, water, fire, air, ether. The music will take us on an elemental wave after which we will harvest the wisdom from our body, heart, and higher self. We will also have the opportunity to be witnessed as we surrender to this wisdom in what we call the ‘Inner Dance’. What is your prayer for your life?

dancersPartner Yoga & AcroYoga

With Tyler Blank

Through the dynamic Sacred Play of Partner Yoga, AcroYoga (Basing & Flying) & collaborative Conditioning exercises, we’ll explore the connection between one’s self and one’s partner, by stretching, breathing, and supporting in a variety of fun, unique poses.
Experience your body in ways that you never thought you could…  This is your chance to support a partner with courage; surrendering, building trust, removing obstacles, creating friendship, and enjoying yourself in community. Arrive ready for anything, and leave feeling totally uplifted.

131212_ecstaticdance_-997Chi Kung:  The Dance of Energy 

With Tyler Blank

On the Bluffs above the Waves, we will Gather the Energy of the Morning Sun, and Distribute it with the Ocean Wind… Burning up Obstacles… Clearing the Path for Chi (Energy) to Circulate with our Breath, Voice, and Visualization… Dancing with the Elements as Dawn Emerges.  Merging Wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine, the 16 Ways, and Tibetan Shamanic QiGong, we Journey in a Meditative and Prayerful Dance of what we know as Energy, Awareness, Spirit, and Nature.  These Elements can then be Enjoyed on the Dancefloor, or Anywhere we want to experience a deeper Connection with our Surroundings, Inside and Out.

131210_ecstaticdance_-498Bhakti Vinyasa Flow 

With Sita Devi

Bhakti Vinyasa Flow is a heart opening intentional practice combining Kirtan, the art of ecstatic chanting with Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga. The practice often begins with a meditation and some intention setting and creative visualization. We then join together in a kirtan to begin our practice which takes us into our bodies moving into our hatha vinyasa practice. The practice slowly builds heat in the body and the practitioner is free to move at his or her own pace, finding his or her own personal flow. Once enough heat is generated we move into some deep stretches and make our way to the floor, ending with a nice long savasana, or final relaxation and close our practice with kirtan.

The practice is accompanied by live chanting of Kirtan and Bhajan by Sita, and other musicians. The goal of this practice is to experience Bhava, the nectar of devotion, through union of the body mind and soul.

131212_ecstaticdance_-1091Yin Yoga 

With Sita Devi

Yin yoga is a slow grounded practice. The word yin, comes from yin and yang, the balance of fire and water, masculine and feminine, strength and softness. Yin refers to the water, the feminine, the softness and this practice encompasses that energy. It is comprised of long holds and deep relaxation with an extended savasana and accompanied by sweet, gentle music.



With Sita Devi & Friends

Kirtan is an ancient spiritual practice of Bhakti Yoga designed to collectively raise our vibration through call and response chanting of Sanskrit mantra. Through this repetitive ecstatic chanting we are able to drop in, unify, channel and access the divine within ourselves.


131210_ecstaticdance_-283Contact Improvisation

With Raina Satori

Mix Move & Mingle

Arrive, Drop in, Relax, Relate… These are the activities we will be doing in this class within the formless dance form of Contact Improvisation. This class is a gentle and playful introduction to your retreat week designed to help you arrive in your new environment of dance and community.  Games and improvisational exercises will heighten your awareness of your surroundings and learning some contact improv skills will build your capacity to relate to others using touch in a way that is safe and fun. This is an all levels class. 

Rise up, Root Down 

Contact Improvisation is a FUNdamental way that we can evolve as humans. We will work with the foundational aspects of contact improvisation, rolling point of contact, weightsharing, counterbalance, falling and flying.  We will learn how to create solid roots upon which we can build more creative options for movement.  We will learn how to listen with our bodies to create symbiotic relationships with our dance partner as well as how to begin and end contact improv dances.  This is an all levels class. 

131214_ecstaticdance_-2005Bana Kuma African Dance

With Chris Berry

The dance of Bana Kuma is an intentional dance form whose main purpose is to cleanse and clear blockages and to re-allign one with their greater selves. The live music and dance moves of the Bana Kuma are based on ancient techniques that held music and dance in hi regard as powerful healing modalities.

KASHA Ceremony

w/ Chris Berry, Craig Kohland and friends

KASHA is the practice of creating HEAT (fire) through MOVEMENT, within the body, bringing up BLOCKS (fears) to be released, allowing one to touch a deep place within, bringing forth true hearts’ desires. HEAT (fire) purifies, and releases the old to make way for the new; igniting passions, charging up motivation and excitement. Allow the deep beating of your internal drums to take you within and rise above all fears. 


27123_10151476107986179_1232893465_nEmbody ~ Innate Movement Meditation Workshop

w/ Aya Iwasaki

Just as we all have a unique fingerprint, there is a blueprint within us all a blueprint of how our body yearns to move.  Every person is a dancer, every dancer has their flow, their language that their body weaves.  In “Embody” we use breathwork, aromatherapy, and moving meditation to explore the subtle energies moving throughout our bodies.  We create space for stillness then let our movements rise up from within.

1014008_10100271709569375_1268330138_nTAI CHI &


With Erin Brutlag

Tai Chi

Discover your healing power and healing movement using the principles of Tai Chi. Tai Chi Chuan can be translated into “The Supreme Ultimate Fist”, an internal martial art, practiced in accordance with Taoist philosophy, is used for healing and defense training, Yin and Yang. You will be instructed in how to connect your energy, qi, to posture and movement using qi-cultivating exercises, a short Yang form, and push hands exercises. You will leave this class having learned a type of movement and posture, that when practiced regularly, can lead to life long vitality and health.

Core Awareness

Our body continuously gives us signals about blockages and inefficiencies that can lead to pain, dysfunction, and interruption of your dance.  During this workshop, learn through observing subtle movements where your blockages may lie. Gain insight into what core strength truly means and how it affects every movement of your body. Leave the workshop with a few simple activities and exercises to help you connect to your core and allow more freedom in your dance.

Shankara_AtzaroBollywood & Bhangra


With Shankara

Bhangra, which literally means “filled with joy” is a traditional dance of North India, original from the Punjab region. It is extremely stimulating, increases joy, vitality, elevates the soul and strengthens the Aura.
Furthermore, its intense pace and fast movements help to develop and balance both hemispheres of the brain. As it implies both the emotional (right side of the brain) and mental (left side), it provides an ideal body-mind balance in addition to its physical benefits. In addition, Bhangra dance also improves coordination and, due to being a cardiovascular exercise, it helps to stylize body shape and increases muscle tone leading to a lean body.
During the years it has also been mixed with other music styles, Shankara is specialized in the “Bhangra-Reggae” style which fuses Bhangra music with other positive Jamaican-style rythms, Reggae, Dub & Hip hop.

Bollywood dance is the dance-form used in the Indian films. It is a mixture of numerous dance styles: classical Indian dance, Indian folk dance (like Bhangra) together with other more contemporary stiles such as Jazz, Funky, Hip hop, Salsa, Samba..etc.

At Shankara’s Bollywood & Bhangra dance workshops she teaches Modern Bollywood, Bhangra (either traditional Bhangra, modern Bhangra or the fusion Bhangra-Reggae dance) & Giddha (women’s Bhangra) steps, movements, sequences and choreographies. In addition she also includes exercises to improve postural alignment, strengthen and stretch the body with Pilates for dance, Dynamic Yoga & Partner Yoga techniques followed by a restoring relaxation to chill out and integrate all the joyful energy created during the class.

Please visit for full information about this joyful dance, videos & pictures together with information about Bhangra dance performances & classes.

SacredPresenceWorkshopStillSacred Presence 

w/ Kirthi Nath

Together, let’s step into an exploration of Sacred Presence. We will play with meditations and perspective shift exercises that deepen our connection to inner wisdom, magic, curiosity and spontaneous delight. Our playground sources from a variety of wisdom practices including Buddhism, Tantra and Yoga. Our senses will be invigorated, our chakras activated, our mudra and mantra channels opened. At the center of this experience, the invitation is for your to play, discover and dance into the arms of love and sacred presence.

Transforming Consciousness One Breath at a Time (Guided Meditation)

W/ Kirthi Nath

Drop in and rest in the arms of spaciousness, love and gratitude. In this guided meditation session, we will embark on a tri-fold journey that explores the landscape of our mind, body, heart, and spirit. Oftentimes, the inner critic and strings of habitual doing drive our flow. How often do we connect with the present moment and the simplicity of being? Practice makes practice. Through guided meditation we will explore what’s possible. Our meditation journey will combine a Big Sky Meditation that uses Tibetan singing bowls, Metta [Loving Kindness] and Mudita [Sympathetic Joy] as an invitation to explore choiceless awareness, loving presence and joy. May this session be an opening for you to nourish and experience clarity and sweetness in your heart.