141211_ecstatic-HI_0349Sita Devi

Sita Devi is a yogini, Kirtan artist and ecstatic dance facilitator in service to the divine. She teaches Bhakti Vinyasa Flow Yoga, a combination of hatha vinyasa yoga and Kirtan, the art of ecstatic chanting. She holds a BFA in dance from the University of California Santa Barbara, and is registered with the Yoga Alliance RYT 500.

As a Kirtan Walli, Sita sings and plays harmonium, guitar, kartals and mrdanga and has performed with Jai Uttal, David Starfire and Freq Nasty in Dub Kirtan Allstars, Dave Stringer, C.C. White, Jaya Lakshimi, Arjun Baba, Govindas and Radha, Prema Hara, Joey Lugassey, Saul David Raye, Steve Ross and Craig Kohland of Shamans Dream. Sita has performed and taught at – Lightning in a Bottle, Wanderlust, Symbiosis, Gaia, Pranafest, Bhaktifest, Shaktifest, Earthdance, Yoga Rocks the Park, Hawaii Spirit Festival and Mystic Island Festival.

She has accompanied yoga classes with live Kirtan for Baron Baptiste, Elena Brower, Annie Carpenter, Janet Stone, Shiva Rea, Micheline Berry, William Duprey and Govindas. Sita’s devotional service is intended to include all beings in experiencing divine love and light.


Tyler Blank QigongTyler Blank

Tyler is lover of many Energy Arts. His embodied spirit began from the games of an early Athlete, and after depleting the body from chasing after too much competition, he entered into the depths of Healing through Table Massage, Vibrational Healing, Reiki, Breema, Psychic School, and Matrix Energetics before becoming one of the first Certified AcroYoga Instructors in 2006. After overcoming a childhood fear of dance, Tyler went on to cofound Ecstatic Dance Oakland in 2008, helping to ignite Ecstatic Dances around the world from the inspiration that began on the Big Island of Hawaii. Ecstatic Dance also launched his DJ career, this time fulfilling a childhood passion, making mix tapes with a storyline. He now uses his Spirit Name from the OSHO Community, as DJ Avani, meaning River. Tyler is also currently working on his Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medical QiGong, and is an advanced student of QiDao, a Tibetan Shamanic QiGong taught by lineage holder Lama Tantrapa. He is also a new Father, and the Adventure continues to Evolve…

141209_ecstatic-HI_0053Raina Satori

Rana Satori, passionate playful soul, is a veteran teacher of dance and movement workshops and classes for the last 10 years in the Bay Area.  She co-founded Santa Cruz Contact University and also teaches Contact Improv at Motion Pacific Dance studio in Santa Cruz . Her offerings and performances can be found at Festivals, Retreat Centers and outdoor adventure trips across california as well as NCDC Summer and Winter Dance Camps, Ecstatic Dance Oakland, and Ecstatic Dance Los Gatos. Rana balances the structure and athleticism of contact improv with mindfulness and expressive arts practices to bring participants to full presence and surrender to the mystery of improv.  Rana Satori is also the creatrix and captain of the Shamanic Cheerleaders, CEO of Rana Satori Designs and senior member of the cabaret clown troupe FouFouHa! She has been featured in Yoga Journal Magazine, Conscious Dancer Magazine, Project 52, San Francisco Chronicle, Marin Independent Journal, and recently won “Most Revolutionary Spiritual Guide” in the East Bay Express “Best of the Bay” Awards.


141209_ecstatic-HI_0111Hamid Martin

Hamid is an embodied and passionate man of integrity who is fully embracing his human experience. He has a deep appreciation for and a respectful relationship with the natural world. He enjoys growing food on his family’s permaculture farm, surfing, and dancing as a way of life.

Hamid has a profound innate awareness of the body and the healing available through it. In his open-hearted approach to life, he has experienced healing of emotional wounds, soul-level traumas, and broken bones from launching off 50 foot cliffs on his snowboard. Through these experiences, he has cultivated an ability to support others in walking through the fire of life.

Hamid has been deeply supported by spirituality and inner awareness. As a young man, he chose to embrace the spiritual practice his parents had been involved with since before his birth. He continues to explore and develop a healthy relationship with his ego.

Coming from an athletic background, and seeking a sense of fulfillment, Hamid’s passion for the experience of being fully alive led him down a path of trying every thing out there from extreme sports to a career in massage therapy. Finally, it was free-form dance that began to awaken his true creative expression. He dove in.

Hamid is passionate and desires a life of meaning for himself and his community. He left a professional snowboarding career because he wanted more. After experiencing the deepest state of surrender through spiritual practice, and bringing this surrender to the dance floor, Hamid found his purest and fullest experience of being ALIVE. Even though his fear of stepping into the unknown tried for years to prevent him from offering a sacred container for dance, he could not avoid his soul’s calling. It was too painful not to step out and risk it all to follow his dream.

His commitment to living his dreams and supporting others in discovering how to do the same is shown by his life mission to create a dance container in which people feel safe to explore and express the fullness of who they really are.

Hamid says, “If we could express ourselves fully authentically, with total freedom, what would that look like? On the dance floor, and in the daily dance?”


Elizabeth Betwixt

I am a student of the Star and the Stone :: of the Circle :: of the Stomping of Hooves and Raindrops on Ocean.  Drum and Chant, Soundcraft and Dance are my Wayfinders in Body, Tribe, and Cosmos. In 11 years on the Big Island, i cofounded the community ritual of Ecstatic Dance at Kalani to blossom as a weekly gathering of 300 dancers ~ and the seed for the dances which now ripple the planet. I am joyful to celebrate the gathering of Ecstatic Tribes in Hawaii!  Now in Boulder, Co :: i lead She Moves dances for women, Rhythmic Rites of passage, Contact Dance, and GYROTONIC® therapeutic movement.  In my WiseWomen Pelvic Care programs, I offer pelvic bodywork, womb and yoni care practices, ritual, and dance to tend the fertile feminine core and empower women to conceive. My spark* of inspiration lives in Dance as Prayer: to embody my soul compass, re-member our tribal power to cleanse, heal, create, and praise ~  and Replenish the Gaia with our Sweat and our Breath. 


Erina Love 1Erina Love

Erina Love is a movement therapy specialist with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She was drawn to the healing arts due to her deep love and in-born intuition of the human body’s ability to heal itself. Through her own journey of searching for healing from chronic pain and dysfunction, Erina discovered true healing only occurs when emotional, mental, and spiritual healing align with the physical. Emerging out of pain and dysfunction using Tai Chi, diet modifications, prayer and play, she arrived to the understanding of health from the holistic perspective. Body, mind, and spirit transformed, Erin now dedicates much of her time to her performance art including poetry, dance, and aerial acrobatics.

Through her education, her own healing journey and experience of working with people of all ages and lifestyles in her physical therapy practice, Erin is uniquely qualified to guide others through their healing journeys.  Her ultimate passion is to assist others in discovering their own power to transform their bodies and their lives.


Shankara, based in Ibiza, is Spain’s World Bhangra Council Director, plus a very active woman, world traveller & Nature lover.
She is also the Co-director & Co-founder of the NGO Childs Rights (Derechos de los niños desfavorecidos de India), an international ngo established in Spain which focuses on offering a worthy future to children living in the streets of India. In addition, Shankara is the founder of Fundación Danza India, which aims to provide a sustainable future to Indian kids by educating them professionally as dancers & teachers of Indian dance.

Since she was a child, Shankara has always been in interested in holistic disciplines, healthy life and dance. Therefore she trained in Yoga, Pilates, Yogalates and Body Balance (Tai-Chi, Yoga & Pilates mixed discipline), Holistic Massage and Stand-Up Paddle Surf. Also, she completed several courses in Acroyoga, Hatha, Asthanga Yoga & Dynamic Yoga, Thai Massage, Body Expression, Relaxation, Visualization techniques…etc. She provides different modalities of Pilates & Yoga fusing the best of all these disciplines, including SUP Yoga/Pilates (Yoga/Pilates on the Stand-Up Paddle Surf board).

Following her passion for music & dance, together with her attraction for Indian culture, she travelled around India completing there her training as Bhangra dance teacher and dancer with internationally recognized masters in Spain, India & USA, such as Barsha Rana (India), Sunny Singh (India), Rajiv Garg (India), Minilah Sha (India), Vicki Virk (USA), Megha Khalia (USA), Sat Atma Singh (Chile), Jai Hari Kaur (Chile) & Mistri (UK) and is a member of the Chandigarh United Dance Club (Punjab,India). She has also completed several courses in Bollywood dance. She has also completed several courses in Bollywood dance with Sunny Singh (India), Minilah Sha (India) & Mistri (UK).

Shankara is a member of Chandigarh United Dance Club (Punjab, India) and the founder of the Indian fusion Sound System & dance troupé Nataraja Grooves (Ibiza).

Bhangra, which literally means “filled with joy” is a traditional dance of North India, original from the Punjab region. It is extremely stimulating, increases joy, vitality, elevates the soul and strengthens the Aura. During the years it has also been mixed with other music styles, Shankara is specialized in the “Bhangra-Reggae” style which fuses Bhangra music with other positive Jamaican-style rythms, Reggae & Dub.

Shankara loves sharing the joy of Bhangra and her passion for this music & dance so she travels worldwide teaching & performing Indian dance (Bhangra & Modern Bollywood) at festivals, retreats and special events and DJing Indian music, Reggae & Ecstatic dance. During the last years she has performed and taught several Bhangra and Modern Bollywood dance workshops in Hawaii, New York, Costa Rica, Portugal, Madrid, Valencia and Ibiza.
For full information about Bhangra dance please visit:www.danzabhangra.com

Together with Bhangra dance, Shankara is an Ecstatic Trance Dance and Chakra Dance facilitator and runs conscious dance sessions fusing energy, body, soul work & movement with live-dj sessions provided by herself and internationally recognized djs. For more information please visit www.ecstasychakradance.co

Aya-bio-web1Aya Iwasaki

Since she first picked up a hoop in 2009 Aya fell in love with dancing both in and out of the hoop.  Movement has become integral in Aya‘s life and a source of grounding and connecting with spirit.  Combining training from various teachers and modalities, Aya embodies beauty and grace in her dance and brings authentic movement into her flow.

Kirthi Bio PhotoKirthi Nath

Kirthi Nath is a yogini, filmmaker and sacred activist who believes that ordinary people ripple extraordinary change. Kirthi offers experiential workshops and talks that integrate meditations, mantras and insights to help people connect with their inner wisdom, foster loving presence and awaken wonder. These offerings draws from a variety of wisdom practices, including Buddhism, Tantra, and Yoga traditions, as well as explorations in play and magic. Current and past workshops, meditations and talks themes include: Creative Presence, Sacred Presence, Uncertainty and Intention, Modern Day Mindfulness, Heart Gladdening Practices and Storytelling.  Kirthi has also developed visualizations shared in context of live art performance projects (San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Southern Exposure) and uses wisdom practices in the creation and process of her own filmmaking and sacred activist work.
Background and Future Seeds: Kirthi has practiced meditation, been on numerous silent retreats and immersed in formal and informal Buddhist and Yogic studies since 2001. Trained as a filmmaker, in 2010, Kirthi founded Cinemagical Media – a media production company that collaborates with changemakers and values driven businesses to spark social change and stories for our evolving culture. In early 2016, in association with Cinemagical Media, Kirthi will officially launch the Modern Day Mindfulness Initiative – a portal for wisdom course offerings, meditations and talks, offered online and in person.