Lava Flow

The June 27th lava flow on Hawai'i Island has been getting plenty of attention from mainstream media.

Kalani is unaffected by the current flow and we do not anticipate noticeable impact on campus in the coming months.

Hawaiʻi Island residents have experienced the effects of volcanic activity - one of the island's most spectacular natural attractions - for nearly 2,000 years.

Volcano goddess Pele is woven intricately into local mythology; she is honored as the energetic pulse of the island and the creator of the newest land on the planet. Thus, we are familiar with her presence and continually monitor her activity. Kalani continues to operate normally, and below we answer commonly asked questions regarding the lava flow.

Roads and Access

Kalani will remain fully accessible. There are several alternate routes established, if needed, and they are expected to minimally impact travel times,


Local utility providers have prepared to ensure that power and other core utilities such as Internet service are uninterrupted.


The lava flow poses no safety risks.

Air Quality

We are upwind of all current and potential future activity, and so our air quality is not affected. Thanks to the trade winds, we are blessed with the cleanest air on the planet.