Pre/Post Events

Kalani Ecstatic Dance

with Shamans Dream and Sita Devi 2/25

Join us Sunday Morning February 25 at our former home Kalani. Sahuna Love will DJ and Sita will lead the invocation with a kirtan and close with sound healing and closing circle. Come a day or so early to experience our roots!!

Also with Avani 3/4

Hang out a few days after to dance with Oakland's EDance Resident and Producer Tyler Blank. After dance head down to Kahena beach for Punas legendary Drum Circle.

Kona Whale/Dolphin Boat Excursion

with Aya Papaya Sunday 

DATE:  March 4

LOCATION: Kona, Hawai'i

TIME:  1230-430pm

COST: 155/person


A note from Aya ~ I got to swim with wild dolphins for the first time in Kona about a year ago.  Being able to experience connection with the wild in their natural habitat is a very special experience, and we often come upon pods with over 100 dolphins swimming below and around us.  The Nai'a (Hawai'ian word for dolphins) are playful, and will often come up to you, or swim along side you.  I've had extended swims eye gazing with a dolphin a few feet apart, and played games with them where we pass a leaf back and forth.  They are incredibly intelligent creatures, and so graceful in the water.  

Our boat is also chartered for a time when the whales are present.  Often times we see multiple whales, breaches, tail slaps, and at times get to see them up close.  It's also beautiful to hear their song underwater.

The boat that I charter for our trip is fantastic, the captain is a good friend of mine who knows the waters well and has great respect for the cetaceans.  He is very intuitive, and has a great eye for spotting whales, dolphins, manta rays and other sea creatures.  I've gotten to be out on the waters with him numerous times and every time has been very special in different ways.